To Expire or Not To Expire?

To Expire or Not To Expire?

by Brett Henderson, Client Services, Ephox

A great feature of WCM is the ability to set an expiry date on your content, automatically ensuring that old content is expired and subsequently removed from your site. However there can be two problems with expiry dates. The first, of course, is what if you want to extend the life of some content items. The other is what if authors didn't set an expiry date in the first place. How do you locate these content items in WCM?

Starting with extending the life of content, this is simple if you know the particular item, but what if you want to locate all content items in a site that are due to expire, or simply monitor what is scheduled to expire in the coming weeks?

Using the advanced search in the WCM interface, you can choose a range for an expiry date, however you still need to know something about the title, description or keywords of the content. This restriction essentially makes the act of monitoring what is about to expire impossible.

Now while it's possible to locate all items expiring within a given range, the same can not be said for finding items with no expiry date set. In fact, it's not possible to specify Expiry Date in the advanced search within WCM without setting a value.

But what about with WebRadar?

The Expiry Date can not only be restricted to before or after a particular date, within a range or within the last x days/weeks but it can also be set for no Expiry Date at all.

This means you can not only have a report that shows you everything that is about to expire in the next month, but you can build a report to locate content with no expiry date set in a Site Area. This means you can easily identify content that isn't going to expire where regular expiration is crucial, for instance your News site.