Release Notes

Enterprise TinyMCE 3.4.1

Monday 18 April, 2011
New Features
  • Significantly improved list handling via the new 'lists' plugin.
  • Added 'autolink' plugin to enable automatically linking URLs. Similar to the behavior IE has by default.
  • Added 'theme_advanced_show_current_color' setting to enable the forecolor and backcolor buttons to continuously show the current text color.
  • Added 'contextmenu_never_use_native' setting to disable the ctrl-right-click showing the native browser context menu behaviour.
  • Added 'paste_enable_default_filters' setting to enable the default paste filters to be disabled.


Bug fixes
  • Selection locations on undo/redo didn't work correctly on specific contents.
  • An exception would be trown on IE when loading TinyMCE inside an iframe.
  • Some ascii numeric entities wasn't properly decoded.
  • Some non western language codes wasn't properly decoded/encoded.
  • Undo levels wasn't created when deleting contents on IE.
  • The initial undo levels bookmark wasn't updated correctly.
  • Search/replace wouldn't be scoped to editor instances on IE8.
  • IE9 would produce two br elements after block elements when pasting.
  • IE would place the caret at an incorrect position after a paste operation.
  • A paste operation using the keyboard would add an extra undo level.
  • Some attributes/elements wasn't correctly filtered when invalid contents was inserted.
  • The table plugin couldn't correctly handle invalid table structures.
  • Charset and title of the page were handled incorrectly by the fullpage plugin.
  • Toggle states on some of the list boxes didn't update correctly.
  • Sub/sub wouldn't work correctly when done as a caret action in Chrome 10.
  • The constrain proportions checkbox wouldn't work in the media plugin.
  • Block elements containing trailing br elements wouldn't treated properly if they invalid.
  • The color picker dialog wouldn't be rendered correctly when using the o2k7 theme.
  • Setting border=0 using advimage plugin invalid style attribute content was created in Chrome.
  • References to non-existing images in css of fullpage plugin.
  • Item could be unselected in spellchecker's language selector.
  • Some mispelled words could be not highlighted using spellchecker plugin.
  • Spellchecking would merge some words on IE.
  • Spellchecker context menu was not always positioned correctly.
  • With empty anchors list in advlink popup when Invisible Elements feature was disabled.
  • Older IE versions wouldn't properly handle some elements if they placed at the top of editor contents.
  • Selecting the whole table would enable table tools for cells and rows.
  • It wasn't possible to replace selected contents on IE when pasting using the paste plugin.
  • Setting text color in fullpage plugin doesn't work.
  • The state of checkboxes in media plugin wouldn't be set correctly.
  • Black spade suit character was not included in special character selector.
  • Setting invalid values for table cell size would throw an error in IE.
  • Spellchecking would remove whitespace characters from PRE block in IE.
  • HR was inserted inside P elements instead of splitting them.
  • Extra, empty span tags were added when using a format with both selector and inline modes.
  • Bullet lists weren't always detected correctly.
  • Deleting some paragraphs on IE would cause an exception.
  • Json encoder logic wouldn't properly encode \ characters.
  • The onChange event would be fired when the editor was first initialized.
  • mceSelected wouldn't be removed properly from output even if it's an internal class.
  • Table background colors not being transparent.
  • This improves compliance with users browser color preferences.
  • Styles were not included when using the full page plugin.
  • Drag/drop operations wasn't properly added to the undo levels.
  • Colors wasn't correctly applied to elements with underline decoration.
  • Deleting some paragraphs on IE would cause an exception.
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Enterprise TinyMCE 3.4.2

Monday 18 April, 2011
New Features
  • 'paste_text_sticky_default' option to paste plugin, enables you to set the default state for paste as plain text. 
  • autoresize_bottom_margin option to autoresize plugin that enables you to add an extra margin at the bottom. 
  • Rewritten the fullpage plugin to handle style contents better and have a more normalized behavior across browsers.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug where contents inserted with mceInsertContent wasn't parsed using the default dom parser. 
  •  Fixed bug where blocks containing a single anchor element would be treated as empty.
  • Fixed bug where merging of table cells on IE 6, 7 wouldn't look correctly until the contents was refreshed.
  • Fixed bug where context menu wouldn't work properly on Safari since it was passing out the ctrl key as pressed.
  • Fixed bug where image border color/style values were overwritten by advimage plugin.
  • Fixed bug where setting border in advimage plugin would throw error in IE. Fixed bug where empty anchors list in link settings wasn't hidden.
  • Fixed bug where xhtmlextras popups were missing localized popup-size parameters.
  • Fixed bug where the context menu wouldn't select images on WebKit browsers.
  • Fixed bug where paste plugin wouldn't properly extract the contents on WebKit due to recent changes in browser behavior.
  • Fixed bug where focus of the editor would get on control contents on IE lost due to a bug in the ColorSplitButton control.
  • Fixed bug where contextmenu wasn't disabled on noneditable elements.
  • Fixed bug where getStyle function would trigger error when called on element without style property.
  • Fixed bug where editor fail to load if Javascript Compressor was used. Fixed bug where list-style-type=lower-greek would produce errors in IE<8.
  • Fixed bug where spellchecker plugin would produce errors on IE6-7. Fixed bug where theme_advanced_containers configuration option causes error.
  • Fixed bug where the mceReplaceContent command would produce an error since it didn't correctly handle a return value.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't enter float point values for em in dialog input fields since it wouldn't be considered a valid size.
  • Fixed bug in xhtmlxtras plugin where it wasn't possible to remove some attributes in the attributes dialog.
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