Webinar! Learn How to Create Great Content in XPages Applications

Thursday 29 May, 2014

Attention all application developers, IT managers, IBM Business Partners, IBM employees and others!  

As a savvy technology professional, if you’ve built (or are planning to build) Web applications in XPages, then we have the perfect webinar opportunity for you to expand your knowledge base in this area.  

In an information-packed webinar on May 29 at 10 a.m. PST, Ephox presenters will demonstrate how to simply integrate all the advanced features and capabilities of the Ephox editor into XPages applications. The Ephox editor provides content authors the most advanced WYSIWYG editing capabilities, enabling content authors to create rich, interactive content. 

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In this 60-minute session, Ephox presenters Tim Thatcher, COO and Michael Fromin, Director of Client Services, will help you learn how to:

  • Create great-looking tables, floating sections, document templates and dynamic content by using custom templates.
  • Copy and paste content seamlessly, including images.
  • Resize, crop, rotate or add effects to any image in your content.
  • Create more interactive content by easily embedding URL links from YouTube, SlideShare and others.
  • Collaborate with authors and reviewers by using our track changes feature for text, layout and formatting.

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About Ephox 

Used by millions of developers and authors worldwide, Ephox's EditLive! rich text editing software focuses on transforming the Web production experience by enhancing the productivity and quality of website authoring and management. The company's technology is licensed by leading Web Content Management vendors, including IBM, EMC|Documentum and Open Text.

Webinar: Benefits of WebRadar for IBM Web Content Manager

Thursday 24 April, 2014

Ephox has great news for IBM Web Content Manager (WCM) users. IBM is now providing Ephox’s WebRadar content reporting and analytics software to customers of IBM WCM, at no additional charge.

What exactly does this mean to IBM WCM users? Great question! Ephox answered it during our webinar on April 24.


In just 60 minutes, Ephox presenters Tim Thatcher and Michael Fromin will share how to:

  • Identify content bottlenecks and act on them
  • Automate content reporting
  • Design and automate custom dashboard reports
  • Create, export, share and email reports
  • Run reports in minutes (not days)

Plus, you will learn:

  • How WebRadar can deliver value to users of IBM Web Content Manager
  • Ways other IBM WCM users are reaping benefits using WebRadar

Who should attend:

  • IBM Web Content Manager users (administrators, marketing professionals, HR and operations)
  • IBM Sales Team Members and Leaders
  • IBM Client Technical Professionals
  • IBM Business Partners 

Watch the recorded webinar now!

Webinar: How to Get the Most Value Out of the Ephox Editor in IBM Connections

Thursday 27 March, 2014

In January, IBM announced terrific news for IBM Connections customers -- it’s making the Ephox editor, EditLive!, available to all IBM Connections v4.5 clients. Now IBM Connections users have access to the industry’s most advanced WYSIWYG editor.  

In this short, but impactful webinar, we will share ways in which your IBM Connections users can derive the most value out of EditLive!’s advanced editing capabilities.


Recorded on March 27, 2014

What you will learn:

  • The capabilities of EditLive!
  • How EditLive!’s editing capabilities can deliver value to users of IBM Connections
  • Ways other IBM customers are reaping benefits using EditLive! for IBM Connections to increase user adoption and engagement


Tim Thatcher, chief operating officer, Ephox
Michael Fromin, director of client services, Ephox

Who should watch:

  • IBM Sales Team Members and Leaders
  • IBM Client Technical Professionals
  • IBM Business Partners
  • IBM Connections Customers (IT, end users, content contributor, social media contributors)

With the speed at which social businesses run, there’s no time for inefficiency and frustration. Now you can format, edit and publish content faster than ever before.