Ephox Product Downloads

Ephox products available for 30-day free trial period include: EditLive!, Textbox.io SDK, Enterprise TinyMCE and WebRadar.

These builds include the latest bug fixes and minor improvements. We consider these builds ready for production use and they are fully supported by Ephox.

We encourage you to report any issues via support.ephox.com.

TinyMCE 3 Enterprise 3.5.10-109Download

    Ephox TinyMCE based upon: commit: 062c909138a45bca54fa390f7fc39f04fa129366 based on 3.5.10 date: Fri Feb 7 14:57:18 EST 2014

EditLive for IBM Connections Download

Includes EditLive! version

New Features

  • Added support for Table of Contents macros in Wikis.
  • Merged the Image Upload Plugin into the main EditLive jar file, which reduces load time in some situations.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a media service (oembed) entry for youtube https
  • Removed Create/Remove section menu items from OEM configuration
  • EditLive was not loading in the Profiles app
  • EditLive was stealing focus from the "Tags" fields in community creation
  • EditLive was attempting to load on unsupported java versions
  • When creating a new community, the "Members" popup would not close. As such, EditLive was not returning from background mode and was unusable.
  • Images uploaded to public communities were prompting for password
  • Images were failing to upload to connections servers that had gzip compression enabled
  • Install and uninstall script was failing on AIX.
  • Disable Event Notifications for Images stored in Files when they are downloaded.
  • Remove "Link to Files" button from apps within Communities.
  • EditLive! didn't pass through the editor ID when performing a raiseEvent from a custom button.

WebRadar Download

WebRadar 3.0.8


  • Performance improvements in the data extraction process, including
    • Minimized the impact of "missing dependency" cascades in the data extraction process.
    • Improved the handling of non-existing or disabled libraries

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed the issue where a StackOverflow occurs on UI dropdown.
  • Addressed the issue where Multi-Edit Summary displayed incorrect Workflow State condition.
  • Addressed issue where problems occurred processing Expired content items with Drafts in WCM 7/8.

EditLive Download

This version is no longer under support

EditLive for IBM WCM

This version is no longer under support