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Increase User Adoption with EditLive! for IBM Connections

Get your 30 day FREE trial of EditLive! for IBM Connections, EditLive! for IBM WCM, and WebRadar today!

Ephox EditLive! is world-class rich text editing software that provides non-technical content authors and users with the ability to seamlessly write, design, and edit web-based content.   EditLive is available for IBM Connections, IBM Web Content Manager, Java Swing and other web applications:

  • EditLive! for IBM Connections adds advanced word processing features like clean copy/paste from MS Word, image editing, track changes, accessibility checking, and spell check as you type.  It helps increase user adoption and engagement by simplying content creation.
  • EditLive! Enterprise for IBM Web Content Manager upgrades the version of EditLive! bundled with IBM Web Content Manager to provide additional editing functionality. 

WebRadar is designed exclusively for IBM Web Content Manager administrators and authors. WebRadar saves organizations thousands of work hours by automating content reporting and analytics. Using WebRadar, you and your team will gain access to content reports and analytics that will improve your web content production process.

Ephox products makes your web content initiatives more successful and give your users the best possible content production experience.